Hi, I'm Marisa (insert wave emoji here).

Sometimes I feel like I'm pretending. Don't we all? Avoiding authenticity as a defense mechanism or coping tactic to survive in a society that conditions us to be someone. Classic human. In 2020, amidst the never-ending anxiety and over-purchasing of hand sanitizer/lysol wipes/face masks/shields, I created a podcast called Undefined (naturally came up with the name during a soundbath...totally on brand and not surprising to anyone who knows me), which transitioned into this Substack newsletter. Becoming Undefined is the embodiment of my exploration of identity - my own identity and the identities that are thrown upon us all by the amorphous "them" in charge of our world. As a lawyer (i.e., yet another definition I subscribe to), I investigate facts...but the feelings and the deeper truer parts are often left out. I endeavor to explore these feelings and the deeper parts of us. Who am I? Where is the boundary between my authentic self and my programmed self? How do I practice more authenticity? What does it mean to be true to yourself?

I hope to inspire my readers to live more authentically, discover what that means to them, to be the rebel who goes against the grain, and to practice exercising my own vulnerability.

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Marisa T Coppel

Author of Becoming Undefined. An almost-balanced lawyer getting curious about herself and others through meaningful conversation.