Feb 9, 2021 • 1HR 4M

Open-Heartedness and Embracing Uncertainty with Rabbi Sarah Krinsky

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Marisa Tashman Coppel
Where is the boundary between our authentic selves and our conditioned selves? How do we shed the definitions society creates to get back to our core self? What does it mean to be true to yourself? On Undefined, our host, Marisa Tashman, shares her conversations with thought-leaders, change-makers, and passion-players who have journeyed to return to the core of who they are. Together we explore authenticity, identity, core beliefs, definitions, conditioning and societal programming, social justice, relationships, spirituality, mindfulness, wellness, and self-love.
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Today I share my conversation with my close friend of almost 18 years, Rabbi Sarah Krinsky of Adas Israel in Washington D.C.

Topics Discussed

  • Collective trauma

  • Connecting and leading a community during the pandemic

  • Moving between sacred spaces

  • Jewish practice of Mussar

  • Knowing who we are vs. changing who we are

  • The desire to be accepted

  • Holding space and entering into someone else's trauma

  • Guilt from self-care

  • Discovering yourself and opening yourself up in partnership

  • Getting comfortable with uncertainty and letting go of control

  • The concept of divinity and "source"


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